Judge Herndon: Settle Pradaxa Lawsuits This Summer
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Judge Herndon: Settle Pradaxa Lawsuits This Summer

By John Curran


PradaxaWhen judges are assigned to multidistrict litigation, their goal is not to spend years watching trials and sorting paperwork. It is why Judge David Herndon is trying to push defendant Boehringer Ingelheim and Pradaxa lawsuit lawyers to come to some sort of settlement. The hearings will begin in August, which means that more Pradaxa internal bleeding victims will likely join the Pradaxa MDL by then.
There are dozens of people who suffer from irreversible Pradaxa internal bleeding side effects every month. The anticoagulant, like other new-generation options, has no antidote so it is difficult for doctors to try and treat patients for Pradaxa internal bleeding, even in top facilities. That is the key component of lawsuits filed by numerous plaintiffs. Even if they survive, Pradaxa cerebral hemorrhage side effects victims can have permanent mental damage.

If the Pradaxa settlement negotiations are unsuccessful, it would mean that victims of the drug would have to wait another year. The bellwether trials don't begin until August 2014, with Pradaxa lawsuit lawyers facing another trial in February 2015. Perhaps by then the FDA will admit that the agency obfuscated the fact that there is no antidote. There are clear claims that more fatalities are happening per capita than with the generic warfarin thanks to Pradaxa internal bleeding side effects.

At the very least, legal experts are wondering when a new study of the drug's efficacy relative to the generic will come out. The one announced last fall was methodologically unsound, according to watchdogs. Unfortunately, until then, the cases heard by Herndon will focus on the lack of proper warning by manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim about Pradaxa cerebral hemorrhage side effects.

People who have dealt with these problems may not expect the blood thinner to cause so many problems. Unfortunately, it will be another year or two before an antidote to hit the market, if not longer.

If you or someone you know has dealt with Pradaxa side effects, legal remedies are available. Get started at the Pradaxa Internal Bleeding Class Action Lawsuit Investigation, where filling out the short form gets one a free legal consultation. Eligible claims can result in a jury award or settlement that could help pay for any medical bills or other costs. Acting now could mean a quick result if the settlement talks are successful. Learn more with a no-cost legal review with an experienced Pradaxa lawsuit lawyer today.


Updated January 14th, 2013


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